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Company Overview


ATECO “More than you thought”

The Arabian Trade & Equipment Company (ATECO) established in 2010.it maintains corporate headquarters in Egypt. ATECO leads the construction heavy equipment with 20 years’ experience with the construction equipment makers, and these relationships crystallized with Everdigm & TrueMax in the establishment of ATECO through representation them in Egypt. It has the capability to offer the innovative solutions to an ever changing Egyptian market place with strong quality assurances with edge pricing competitive.



ATECO stands by its values of


•Advancing industry technology
Research market data to gain a competitive advantage. The mission of the advancing industry technology in Ateco is to promote, expand and improve the concrete pumping industry through progressive leadership and advocacy establishing concrete pumping as the preferred method of placing concrete, the industry is now a respected and equal partner in the construction trade industry.
Ateco continually develops safety materials intended to educate all those coming in contact with a concrete pump and highlights concrete pumping techniques and applications through concrete pumping.

• Helping customers to remain competitive
Ateco is committed to providing our customers with value-added solutions that improve operating efficiency and lower maintenance costs; we offer a range of products services and programs to help solve our customer’s problems in addition helping them to remain competitive.

• Enhancing successful business connections
Up fitting your business processes to incorporate technology may take time and will be likely be done in stages, by instituting an overall business plan that incorporates the following principles Ateco alike can use technology to enhance operations:
Work with key business partners to integrate and share technologies and processes
Identify target customers and plan how best to serve and support them.
Adapt internal business processes.


• Fostering relationships
Our relationship with the customer does not broken after the end of the sales process but it's going with him to post it, we consider ourselves partners in success.

• Cementing a commitment to deliver

We are committed to accuracy in the delivery by the dates agreed upon with the client we are always mindful of punctuality.

• Upholding a strong ethic and reputation in the market
A good reputation in the marketplace creates the perception that you are an employer of choice, enabling you to attract the best talent and that’s what we seek to maintain our reputation in the market.

• Building Egypt for future generations
Ateco is based on the many set of values it brings to our customers supporting to prepare them to be pioneers in building Egypt’s future.We add our voice to imagine cup and say: We invite all collaborate, and make the world a better place by applying our creativity to technology innovations that can and will change Egypt’s future.




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